I woke up this morning with thoughts of a story I want to write.  This piece flitters through my brain daily. There are numerous words written out, numerous paths of discontent that I pulled the verbiage into; and out of.

My predicament stems from not knowing where to start. So in that case procrastination sets in. Sort of like dry rot.

I have, what I believe is the perfect first paragraph. Sort of…

When writing non-fiction I end up with a feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach. Not waiting to face what I need to write. For then, I have to take responsibility along with the rest of the multitude of shadows that lurk in my past.

When I face a person whose rhetoric is incomprehensible to me, I feel like Charlie Brown when Lucy explains to him a palm tree is called a palm tree, because you can fit your entire palm around it..  I end up with Charlie Browns stomach ache.

The past is past…

Still I get that ache in the pit of my stomach when I try to understand what transpired.  

And writing about it, well, that makes me an insane writer that just has to get the words out.

Or do I?

 I worry about the oddest things, like will Oprah pick my work apart and find  that some minuscule part was fabricated in my brain. Making me believe it was real, yet ….Oprah asked a question and I floundered within the answer doubting myself; even though that fabrication was indeed reality.

  If others didn’t have the balls to write about their experiences we would be lost.

We wouldn’t have something to compare our own experiences with. We wouldn’t have something to shoot down as rubbish and impossibility; could never happen! Then we walk on with our lives, until that very thing trips us up and we hope that someone else fixed that issue. So we can get thought it.

You know that phrase: ‘What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger’


Let me change that; “What doesn’t kill us; has us taking drugs so we don’t kill ”

Ouch! That’s harsh; but real.

See I am digressing. Procrastinating… Getting dry rot…

In order for me write that story. Or any story for that matter. There is only one thing I need to do..


I do have quite a large amount of words written. I just need to fix the plot line.

Now, I have to get past that perfect first paragraph.


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December 20, 2007

I haven’t added to this Blog in a while. Let me expand on that – nearly a year.

I found a site called Helium where a writer or anyone could post their interests,

their views

their thoughts

 And get rated on them. 

Right… like school? Nope!

Just for the fun of perfecting my writing.

 It is entertaining. It can be very addictive.

Here’s a link check it out…


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