Second Chapter …problems

I ran in to a wall writing my second chapter. I have the idea in my head, I know where I want it to go, and I just hit a wall with typing it out.


I have a second novel, sitting on the side. Just to take my mind off that impervious, blank, white screen staring out at me.


I couldn’t believe it! That novels’  brick wall reared up in front of me.


I decided to just start typing. I wrote something totally different. Okay! That can’t be bad…Hmm!


I printed out my notes…then sat and stared at them.


This feels like a bad relationship. One where the same hurdles come up and I can’t climb them, so I walk around or leave them; never facing the underlining issues.


Fear? Of what, being left by my novel once it’s written…


Scared! Could that be it, I’m afraid of criticism? Nope! Sorry internal psyche, I may not love to be picked apart. But, I have to admit, the help of a second, third, or forth eye does have its merit.


Pacing, muttering to myself never helps. How can it? I am asking for help from the person who is causing the blockage.


Should I give up?




I think my problem all stems from my glasses. I need a new prescription; the foggy letters are bothering me.


I will start that second chapter again.


It was a dark and stormy night….heavy sigh!


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My husbands Valentine

Michael's valentine

Michael's valentine



She follows your every move

With eyes of gold, flecks of green

Squinting loving messages

Curled up next to you

While you sleep and read

She cheers you on, as you play Xbox

Excited, she enters the game with you

Sitting in her own chair, or across your lap

Watching each movement, ready for adventure

As long as you’re together

If you should leave the room

Soft paws follow, a tiny squeak escapes

A gentle cry, calling for you… Please Wait

She jumps in your lap, pushes her soft face against yours

Love and cherished, adoration shines through her movements

From her eyes, to her rough tongue, and gentle nips

She is captivated by your movements, your hair, and your voice

You feed her water from your hands

Patiently waiting until she has finished

She is your wooer, mistress… cat sweetheart…

Your kitty valentine

She is your…Tomoe


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