Identity Thief

I am not unsympathetic to, Mariana de la Torre’s  plight, But, this article had me very angry, starting with this part;

she said, you’ll do anything to stop it—including taking someone else’s identity to get $530,000 in medical care.”


“Chicago Tribune”,0,2523958.story


My mother –in –law died of cancer leaving my father-in-law with bills. He has to work to pay them off, and he’s in his seventies!


I was hurt at work in 2004; I am out of work, fired because of my work injury. I was without insurance.  When I was given Medicaid I found I couldn’t find a primary care doctor in my area with an open slot to fit another Medicaid patient.


 My husband was in a car accident in 2004, he has daily seizures. Because his secondary insurance is Medicaid, he is turned away.  


When I didn’t have insurance I had to pay for my doctors bills in cash. I would never have thought to steal some one else’s identity to help myself.


I have meet dozens of people, disabled, fighting to get medical care. Sorry, let me clarify that:  “dozens of legal Americans.”


I don’t care what the, , sites for fair medical pricing. Everyone who pays for insurance understands that discrepancy, and has run up against it!  They still had to pay the extra out of pocket. The reporter made it sound like it was the hospitals fault. I can argue just about this point!  But it doesn’t have anything to do with this woman stealing.


The main point of this article, even though the writer tried to make it into a love story. Then placed the blame on everyone else, is this woman stole more than money.


 She took a slot in the non-profit hospital, that someone else, someone legal. Could have had that care, and maybe, just maybe, survived.


What the hell!  This is a woman who, stole, and lied -to help herself.

What kind of legacy is that to leave her children?


What is the Mexican government doing to help its people?  What are the Mexican people doing to help themselves?


I think they are too busy dealing with drugs and gangs to worry about their sick and poor. Just point them over the border to the US. We can turn anything into a love story.  A nicely, written sympathetic piece to justify why someone steals.



Here are some links. If you like, read up on problems in Mexico and the ones, smuggled into the United States.


“Drug cartels’ new weaponry means war” Los Angeles Times,0,229992.story



“Your American History Reference Guide! – Illegal drugs trade”


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  1. Wow. Sending sympathy your way. I knew things were not like here (Québec, Canada) in the US but this is insane.

  2. Pandabox33, Hopefully the Healthcare system in the U.S. will get an over haul. Thanks for commenting.
    Gerardine Baugh

  3. That really pisses me off. I actually worked in the fraud department for Citi Bank. It was crazy like literally insane what some people had to go through because of identity theft. It is NOT easy to get rid of. My parents had some checks stolen back in the 90’s and I think it took about 10 years for it to finally clear, they went through hell. That stuff just really peeves me. I hate any kind of thieves, I don’t care what your excuse is, life isn’t exactly easy for many people these days- no excuse.

  4. Kristi,
    This is an issue that everyone needs to take seriously not look the other way. Thank you for your comments.


    A sunshine award 4 u,

    jingle 😉

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