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Nature Blog

Come on over to my Nature/green blog. I write about my day to day life with nature.

Gerardine Baugh


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Second Chapter …problems

I ran in to a wall writing my second chapter. I have the idea in my head, I know where I want it to go, and I just hit a wall with typing it out.


I have a second novel, sitting on the side. Just to take my mind off that impervious, blank, white screen staring out at me.


I couldn’t believe it! That novels’  brick wall reared up in front of me.


I decided to just start typing. I wrote something totally different. Okay! That can’t be bad…Hmm!


I printed out my notes…then sat and stared at them.


This feels like a bad relationship. One where the same hurdles come up and I can’t climb them, so I walk around or leave them; never facing the underlining issues.


Fear? Of what, being left by my novel once it’s written…


Scared! Could that be it, I’m afraid of criticism? Nope! Sorry internal psyche, I may not love to be picked apart. But, I have to admit, the help of a second, third, or forth eye does have its merit.


Pacing, muttering to myself never helps. How can it? I am asking for help from the person who is causing the blockage.


Should I give up?




I think my problem all stems from my glasses. I need a new prescription; the foggy letters are bothering me.


I will start that second chapter again.


It was a dark and stormy night….heavy sigh!


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My husbands Valentine

Michael's valentine

Michael's valentine



She follows your every move

With eyes of gold, flecks of green

Squinting loving messages

Curled up next to you

While you sleep and read

She cheers you on, as you play Xbox

Excited, she enters the game with you

Sitting in her own chair, or across your lap

Watching each movement, ready for adventure

As long as you’re together

If you should leave the room

Soft paws follow, a tiny squeak escapes

A gentle cry, calling for you… Please Wait

She jumps in your lap, pushes her soft face against yours

Love and cherished, adoration shines through her movements

From her eyes, to her rough tongue, and gentle nips

She is captivated by your movements, your hair, and your voice

You feed her water from your hands

Patiently waiting until she has finished

She is your wooer, mistress… cat sweetheart…

Your kitty valentine

She is your…Tomoe


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Hello! Meet Muffitt, My Mailbox

Hello! Meet Muffitt, My Mailbox

Hello! Meet Muffitt, My Mailbox

“Out of all the bad, I am still here. I can get angry again. Anger is my life jacket. It helps me move out of the house, even if it is just to walk to the mailbox.. Oops forgot. Our mailbox was hit by a car last Wednesday. Gotta laugh, hysterically, insanely, still, I gotta laugh. ”

I wrote the above paragraph to a friend. Then I copied it out and pasted it here.

Why? I asked myself that question. Why is it when I’m at my lowest, the ceiling falls in my coffee? Or in the middle of a shower, right when I’m full of soap; the water stops.
Why do all the bills come in the day I don’t have a penny in my checking account?
Or, the cat upchucks in my shoes? Why does the cable go out at the end of a three hour movie; those last important five minutes?

Silly, simply, stupid things that happen, that pile up, one upon the other until I just have to scream, “No more! Stop running over my mailbox!”

You may be reading this thinking, what is she complaining about, worse has happened to me, to my neighbors, to the world.

I can’t argue with that. –Well, I could, but, I won’t.-

Most people, me included tend to down play problems. Like. “Just a cold,” means, “pneumonia.” “Just a scratch,” means, “watch out that arms about to fall off!”

We down play our health so we don’t show weakness. We hide our problems, then wonder why we have ulcers.

Laughter helps alleviate some of that stress. Real, gut laughing is the best. You known the laughter that hurts your sides and you nearly pee your pants. It’s hard to get into that place as an adult. Right? Maybe.

I remember watching an old movie, where a man was pretending to be insane. He explained that no one bothers an insane person. There are afraid, if they kill an insane person, the evil spirits will take up residence in them.


There is a little known fact if you walk through a crowed grocery store, talking to your self, and your groceries. People will get out of your way.

“Hello, little bag of chips do you know which way the egg man has gone. We need to find him, he has good omelets.”

I have to admit, I did this. And, yes, the seas parted and I got through a crowed grocery store on a Saturday afternoon in thirty minutes.

If standing by my mailbox, using it as a ventriloquists dummy, could stop people from running into it; I would paint a face on my mailbox, and call it Muffitt.

1978 battlestar galactica reference…

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Nomination for Seat in the United States Senate

Nominations for, President Elect Obama’s, Seat in the United States Senate- all this sounds like a new game show.

Who is the highest bidder?

Who can walk on water without getting wet?

Watch as they compete;  who can keep straight faced while answering media questions.


The news is filled with tongue clicking, “how dare he” sounds from the media, and President Elect Obama.

All are very concerned with how Governor Blagojevich, whose phone was tapped. Now I have to stop here, I was under the impression he knew this was going on, right!

So -they say-while using his own phone he tried to sell President Elect Obama’s Senate seat. Okay! I have my eyes crossed and I am waiting for the punch line…


Sorry, guys, I have lived in Illinois, specifically Chicago, for most of my life and I have seen, heard and laughed at politics in Chicago, for years.


It is interesting, when the finger pointing starts, the rest of the hen house gathers off to the side clucking their outrage.


How can anyone, in any political capability, not know when one of their own has traveled out of bounds?


There are a few truths in the courts that Governor Blagojevich may be finding out, the biggest and most important:

“You are guilty until proven innocent.”   


So, impeaching Governor Blagojevich, before he has his day in court, has me wondering what is being swept under the rug?  And so fast?


I digress; I want to talk about the empty, Seat in the United States Senate.





I have the perfect person for the job; my husband!


Yes! You heard me right, my husband. I even sent President Elect Obama an email asking how to apply for that position.


He hasn’t answered me yet.


Hey! I do realize that Elizabeth on the View will get her invitation to the White house before anyone responds to me. (If you didn’t see the View this morning she was complaining she didn’t get an invitation this year.)


I decided to post that letter simple as it may be- here. Forward it if you like to President Elect Obama, your Congress person, Governor Blagojevich or even Elizabeth on the View.  


Or, just cross your eyes and call me a “wack job”




President Elect Barack Obama;


     This was taken from one of your web sites:


“Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s comprehensive agenda to empower individuals with disabilities fits in with the campaign’s overarching message of equalizing opportunities for all Americans.
In addition to reclaiming America’s global leadership on this issue by becoming a signatory to — and having the Senate ratify — the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the plan has four parts, designed to provide lifelong supports and resources to Americans with disabilities. They are as follows:
First, provide Americans with disabilities with the educational opportunities they need to succeed.

Second, end discrimination and promote equal opportunity.

Third, increase the employment rate of workers with disabilities.

And fourth, support independent, community-based living for Americans with disabilities”






     The point of this email, with all the brouhaha going on about your Seat in the United States Senate, my husband and I were talking. That seat needs to be filled by someone that has ‘no ties’ to anyone asking for favors.


My husband is disabled; he has daily seizures brought on by a car accident he did not cause. 


His constitutional right, “for the pursuit of happiness” brings me back to this email.


How can he, my husband apply for that position.  His disability has knocked him out of the running for any position. Giving a person a job, despite his disability, standing next to a disabled person allowing them the pursuit of happiness, even when they are different, is there a place in this government for a person with such a disability?


My husband would need a driver to take him to work and back.

My husband has problems walking and sitting.

He would need time to go over things, just as anyone else would.


My husband has a great memory; it is a little foggy now.

My husband is very intelligent.

My husband has a way with words.
My husband is brutally honest.


My husband needs to find his happiness. 


Again, I ask, how does he, my husband, Michael Baugh, apply for your, “Seat in the United States Senate?”
This isn’t a joke!



Mrs. Gerardine Baugh


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I woke up this morning with thoughts of a story I want to write.  This piece flitters through my brain daily. There are numerous words written out, numerous paths of discontent that I pulled the verbiage into; and out of.

My predicament stems from not knowing where to start. So in that case procrastination sets in. Sort of like dry rot.

I have, what I believe is the perfect first paragraph. Sort of…

When writing non-fiction I end up with a feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach. Not waiting to face what I need to write. For then, I have to take responsibility along with the rest of the multitude of shadows that lurk in my past.

When I face a person whose rhetoric is incomprehensible to me, I feel like Charlie Brown when Lucy explains to him a palm tree is called a palm tree, because you can fit your entire palm around it..  I end up with Charlie Browns stomach ache.

The past is past…

Still I get that ache in the pit of my stomach when I try to understand what transpired.  

And writing about it, well, that makes me an insane writer that just has to get the words out.

Or do I?

 I worry about the oddest things, like will Oprah pick my work apart and find  that some minuscule part was fabricated in my brain. Making me believe it was real, yet ….Oprah asked a question and I floundered within the answer doubting myself; even though that fabrication was indeed reality.

  If others didn’t have the balls to write about their experiences we would be lost.

We wouldn’t have something to compare our own experiences with. We wouldn’t have something to shoot down as rubbish and impossibility; could never happen! Then we walk on with our lives, until that very thing trips us up and we hope that someone else fixed that issue. So we can get thought it.

You know that phrase: ‘What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger’


Let me change that; “What doesn’t kill us; has us taking drugs so we don’t kill ”

Ouch! That’s harsh; but real.

See I am digressing. Procrastinating… Getting dry rot…

In order for me write that story. Or any story for that matter. There is only one thing I need to do..


I do have quite a large amount of words written. I just need to fix the plot line.

Now, I have to get past that perfect first paragraph.


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December 20, 2007

I haven’t added to this Blog in a while. Let me expand on that – nearly a year.

I found a site called Helium where a writer or anyone could post their interests,

their views

their thoughts

 And get rated on them. 

Right… like school? Nope!

Just for the fun of perfecting my writing.

 It is entertaining. It can be very addictive.

Here’s a link check it out…


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Hello world!

A Writer’s Ellipsis


I am tired of waiting to follow a dream; I am running it down.  

First Blog entry should be unique. It should explode off the page with vibrant word play and magnetic energy.  

That may not happen.

 I got an email pointing me to this Blog site. And me a sucker for Blogs just had to jump on the Blog wagon.

 And post.

I have other Blogs which I will give you the links to. Comments are welcome. Good or bad, all the same. I learn from both.

I hope the Blogs aren’t my only fifteen minutes of fame! 

Here’s a little background on me;

I worked as a Marketing Assistant for a local company. I was hurt at work, then fired they couldn’t accommodate my work injury. My feelings about WC (workmen’s Comp) are very negative.

The job before that one, I was a Network Operations Switch Technicians, for a major Cell phone company. That is a story that can keep me in therapy for years.

I always wanted to be a writer.

I wrote my first story at eight or nine. My little sister typed it out. “It was a dark and stormy night” Sounds more like my last two jobs.

 In order to start a writing career I would have to be noticed, to be noticed I have to write.  That’s where the Blogs come in.


I enter picture contest: yahoo writing group at “cowboylogic.net”

 A contest also at Static movement: http://www.staticmovement.com/Idiomstruth.htm

 Blogs at NaNoPubYe.org :  http://www.nanowrimo.org/eng/user/172129

Then there’s Write Sight: http://www.writesight.com/writers/arkhaminmate13

Blog at :     http://360.yahoo.com/celtic0123@sbcglobal.net


I intend to write and not get lost. 

Mentors welcome!!

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