My husbands Valentine

Michael's valentine

Michael's valentine



She follows your every move

With eyes of gold, flecks of green

Squinting loving messages

Curled up next to you

While you sleep and read

She cheers you on, as you play Xbox

Excited, she enters the game with you

Sitting in her own chair, or across your lap

Watching each movement, ready for adventure

As long as you’re together

If you should leave the room

Soft paws follow, a tiny squeak escapes

A gentle cry, calling for you… Please Wait

She jumps in your lap, pushes her soft face against yours

Love and cherished, adoration shines through her movements

From her eyes, to her rough tongue, and gentle nips

She is captivated by your movements, your hair, and your voice

You feed her water from your hands

Patiently waiting until she has finished

She is your wooer, mistress… cat sweetheart…

Your kitty valentine

She is your…Tomoe


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  1. I’m not normally amused by pet-poems, but this is really different! So sweet, full of true emotion and leaves a smile on my face. A striking resemblance to my own boyfriend and our cat. She seems to have a different bond with him, she even chats with him..

    Thanks for good reading!


  2. Kristine,
    The bond between a man and his pets- be it- cat or dog, is a connection we all need to experience. Thank you for commenting.
    Gerardine Baugh

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